Saturday, March 15, 2014

Puppy time!

Not much time to write about tea these days! We got a puppy! On Wednesday, we loaded up the kids and drove 2.5 hours to Newport to meet the sweetest little tripawd puppy ever. He was at the Lincoln County Animal Shelter (great place!) He had pretty much recovered from his amputation and was ready to find a home. Our home! 

I wasn't sure I was ready to get another doggie again after Cooper, but this guy melted my heart and is bringing back so many great puppy memories from Cooper. He is definitely helping to fill a hole that's been in our home since Coop passed.

He'a great with the kids, loves the cats, and is very friendly. And super smart. We have lucked out in every way. 

Introducing Finnegan Buster Bluth...

Outside the shelter. He's officially a part of our family

Needed to burn off some energy at the beach before getting back in the car for 2.5 more hours:

Back home and exhausted!

Since then it's been non stop playing, eating, sleeping, & meeting new friends

He is such a sweetheart. And does great with all he's got!

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  1. Hi there...I saw this blog because of a post of yours I read. We were about to adopt a 4 month old puppy, but it seems like he may need his hind leg amputated (he was hit by a car, and broke his back leg). I just wanted to hear, not that you've had your pup for some time, how it's going. Anything we should know before we consider adopting him? Thanks so much!